Silver Horse Phase 1 – The Gut

In 2013, VBL purchased the largest privately owned building in Valletta. Situated at the corner of St. Christopher and Strait street, this property, spread over 7 levels, consolidated the Group’s claim to being Valletta’s leading real estate investor. Named ‘The Silver Horse Project’, phase 1 involved the restructuring of the basement, ground and first floor levels of the building on the Strait Street side. The Brain child of Valletta’s star architect, Chris Briffa, the Group launched The Gut project, historically the darkest, sleaziest part of Strait Street, the old red light district of Valletta, and home to notorious hangouts such as Silver Horse, Blue Peter and James Bond, has been brought back to life after 50 odd years of neglect. The Gut is a high-end restaurant and bar hub of 9 outlets where fine dining, music, theatre, cabaret, dance, and architecture all come together between two walls and on three dimensions.