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  • Office Space; the future is bright…
    The pandemic has affected all our lives, children missing school, holiday plans being pushed further and further back, family events simply not happening and not forgetting our taste buds taking ‘forced leave’ with all the restaurants having to close doors.   We have been hit from every side, health concerns, economic hardship, both the physical and … Read more
  • VBL Group moves to consolidate the Valletta Short Let Market
    VBL Group, the largest private owner of Valletta real estate, has recently completed the acquisition of 100% of the shares of Casa Rooms Ltd, one of the leading Property Management Companies on the island. “The short-let accommodation market, over the last decade, has seen an extraordinary growth in market share. Professional and larger operations can … Read more
  • VBL Group – Regeneration is our passion
    Palazzo Stella Valletta in St. Nicholas Street, Valletta, close to the newly regenerated Valletta Design Cluster When we talk about property regeneration what do we really mean? Painting some windows?  Changing a few crumbling stones?  Squeezing in an extra bedroom?  The simple answer is NO!  Property regeneration has in fact less to do with the … Read more
  • VBL Group supports the local Film industry
    Strada Stretta Series being shot at the legendary Silver Horse, before undergoing renovation. VBL Group's commitment to the arts has been continuous and relentless over the last few years. From the film industry, to music, dance and more, VBL has always been there. For centuries, Valletta has been a cradle of art and culture, and … Read more
  • Appointment of Non-Executive Directors 07.04.2021
    You can download full document in PDF if you click VBL PLC Co Appointment of Non-Executive Directors 07.04.2021, or you can read below. VBL_PLC_Co_Announcement_NonExec_Directors_07_04_2021.pdf"